Hustle like a Boss

You’re running your business, creating strategies, aligning the team, talking to customers, and fighting off the competition every day. Everyday you hustle.

You perform a juggling act on a daily basis, trying to keep all the balls in the air. Inevitably things get hectic, and cracks begin to appear in your business. If you’re busy putting out bigger fires you’re apt to let small things slide, but these are dangerous, as they can build up over time and become a much bigger problem later on.

1. Inevitably things will pile up. If your biggest client is requesting a meeting, but you’ve already set up interviews to replace the customer service rep who just quit, you might have to drop your interview just to make the client meeting. Unfortunately leaving the gap in customer service to just become bigger.

2. Get help on non-critical activities such as reading resumes and phone vetting. At Workholler, we can help the business owner by sending a pre-vetted temp worker to help out when business needs arise. Because we’ve already done the interviews and reference checks, no interview is required. This way the business gets some breathing room to set things to right.

3. Take a deep breath and stay calm. Remaining calm in the face of storm will give you the fortitude to carry on.  You know you’ll live to fight another day.  After all, you’re the boss, and you hustle like one.