Pre-employment assessments – Find the best hire in one go

Taking tests are never fun, but they are a window into a person’s abilities and aptitudes. That’s why more and more employers are using them as a tool to pre-screen candidates for the right combination of Competence, Ethics, Emotional Intelligence, and Ambition/Drive.

According to Harvard Business Review, 76% of organizations with more than 100 employees use tests for external hiring. And the more senior the role, the more likely the employer is to use assessments to identify candidates with the right traits and abilities. According to HBR, it is estimated that 72% of middle management positions and up to 80% of senior positions have pre-qualification tests.

There are several reasons why pre-employment assessments are useful.

1. Resumes don’t paint the whole picture

Resumes are a great starting point to view a candidate’s summary of experiences, but it talks nothing of their other attributes like interpersonal skills, management skills, ability for defusing confrontations, nor their level of ambition, as examples. That’s when employers turn to pre-employment assessment tools to gain a better picture of whether the candidate will be a good fit to the corporate culture.

2. Specific Skill Test

Certain jobs require a specific skill set that is difficult to convey within a resume. Imagine a surgeon who must perform triple bypass surgeries, or a pilot that must fly a jumbo jet. We cannot rely on resumes to simply assure us that people who claim they can do it can actually do so. Imagine the chaos that will ensue. There needs to be a qualifying test (or in the case of the two examples above, real-life demonstrations and proof) before the person can be placed.

3. Ethics and Morals

It’s fairly easy to convey experience and ambition during interviews, but how do you measure someone’s ethics? It’s an important aspect to consider when hiring, as ethics and morals can ultimately drive a company’s corporate culture. Jack Welch said it best, “First we get the right people on the bus, and the wrong people off the bus, then we’ll figure out how to take it someplace great.” The last thing you want is someone who doesn’t buy into your corporate culture, or even worse, will derail the bus.

Great! Let’s do it!

Let’s do it! I hear you say. But administering all these tests requires a lot of resources. You need professionals to find the relevant questions and put the tests together; technology tools to administer and grade the tests; and finally you need people to comb through the results of the tests to ultimately select the right candidate. All of this takes effort that an SME (or even a corporation) might not have the resources for. Not to worry, simply outsource the admin tasks to someone who is best at it. Workholler has the platform to not only filter and matches candidates by experience, skill-set, and availability, we also offer a wide range of aptitude tests that are used to pre-qualify candidates for a wide-variety of roles. With our six-step pre-qualifying assessments, we take vetting to the next level.