Outsourcing the hiring process

You’re running your business and have a million things to do. On top of everything you now have to make a new hire. You post the job on job sites, and in a few days a flood of resumes come in. You don’t have an HR department (as so many small/medium enterprises in the country, you’re both the CEO and the Janitor), so you roll up your sleeves and get to work.

In what little time you can spare, you peruse the resumes, ponder on qualifications, make the phone calls, do the interviews, and in most likelihood, only 10–20% of candidates will fit your requirements, and of those, perhaps only half are available and interested enough to show up for an interview. If you’re lucky, you’ll find the right person, make an offer that is accepted, and voila, back in business!

However, if you’re unlucky, which many business owners will find that stars are not always aligned, that after weeks of searching, vetting, phone interviews, in-person interviews, they either could not find a good fit (for both sides), or they make an offer to a good candidate which is rejected, or even worse, accepted but the person quits after a short while. Back to square one. All that effort wasted.

In the meantime, you’ve spent a lot of time and effort, and not on running and growing your business.

Is there a better way?

You might think, only I know about my business enough to make the right hiring decision. That might be the case. However, there are many obvious qualifications that must be met for the role to be successfully filled.

  1. Availability and Location (or willingness to relocate). This is obviously a first filter for any position. “But I’ve already put those requirements in the Job Description”, you think, “Surely a candidate will not apply unless they meet those requirements?” Don’t be surprised when you find out that job sites make it so easy to apply that many candidates just read the Job Title and click to apply. This requirement still needs to be properly vetted.
  2. Experience and Knowledge. No two people are alike, and no two experiences are alike. Often simple questions such as “Tell me about your responsibilities at your last job” will be able to flesh out the differences in experience.
  3. Communication and Characteristic. Often in the first minute of a conversation the character traits will appear. If the person is an effective communicator, a patient listener, or a motivated individual, it’s often discernible within the first few seconds of conversation.
  4. The “Je ne sais quoi.” The often unexplainable, but immediately-obvious traits that we all look for. Sometimes you find out a lot of information from asking simple open-ended question as “Why did you leave your last job?”

All of these can easily be offloaded to a third party.

A person who understands the job requirements, and is skilled with quickly filtering information during phone conversations can easily filter candidates down to the last 10%-20%, and set up in-person interviews for these candidates directly.

Instead of spending hours and hours filtering through resumes and making endless phone calls, leaving countless voicemails, and trying to remember who this was when the person calls you back, the business owner can now directly interview a few qualified candidates and make a much-easier hiring decision within a day or two.

Workholler is already offering this service to businesses in Canada. By offshoring the majority of the vetting process, it frees up the business owner’s time and allows for a much smoother and easier hiring process. For those managers swamped with the task of having to find new hires, Workholler comes to the rescue.