Workholler is a Temporary Staffing platform that connects businesses looking for Business Support and Admin staff with pre-qualified local talent

Workholler Beta is our product with very basic features. Our team is currently is currently burning the midnight oil to bring to you a technological marvel in the recruitment industry. Your patience is highly appreciated. For any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.

We are always there to help you or answer any questions that you may have. Simply holler us at contact@workholler.com or message us on our Chat window.

It is a simple 4 step process

  1. Create a job posting - Provide details about the job that you are planning to fill
  2. Employ our star workers - View, shortlist and offer the job to the worker that meets your requirements
  3. Get your job completed: Our star worker will show up to complete your job as expected
  4. Review and Pay : Once the job is completed, approve the timesheet and provide your feedback, which we will share with the worker

Once you have posted your job, our team will get in touch with you within 12hrs to gather more details and your expectations from the candidate. Once the process is complete, the job will be posted on our website.

Currently, Workholler is in the beta stage. During this stage, we will be sending you the list off all pre-vetted candidates that meet your job requirements. You can shortlist the ones you like and we will get you in touch with them.

Post the beta stage, you will be able to view the matching profiles directly from Workholler website and mobile apps.

Typical jobs are in Office administration, Business support and Events. If you have a different job, feel free to reach out to us, and we’ll check our pool of talents to let you know if such a job can be fulfilled.

During the Beta stage, we are offering our services for FREE.

However, once our application is up and running, our Workhollers’(Workers) rates will range between CAD 25 – CAD 35/hr (inclusive of Payroll, Time Sheet etc.)

It’s quite simple, the same as you posted the first job. Go to Homepage > Looking for Staff > Select "Post job for free"

In case the worker is injured, please follow the Work Safety guidelines as identified by your Company. 

Temps tend to suffer more injuries than permanent employees, and those injuries tend to be more serious. Both the employer and the employee need to be on their guard for safety in temporary work situations.

By law, Canadian employers must ensure their workplace is safe, train employees with respect to any potential hazards, supply the necessary personal protective equipment and make sure workers know how to use it. These responsibilities apply to all workers, whether permanent or temporary.

Regardless of a worker’s qualifications, employers must never leave a new temp to work unsupervised before ensuring he or she can safely perform the required tasks. Job orientation and safety training are extremely important for temporary workers. Yet surveys conducted by Safe Workplace Associations in Ontario show that many new workers report that they did not receive any such training.

Go to the Jobs page and filter the jobs that suits you.  Once you have shortlisted the one that find a job that suits you, click on Apply. Fill in a 4 step form to help us know more about you and your eligibility.  We’ll reach out to you shortly to assess your qualifications, availability and whether an interview will be required. 

If there is an emergency preventing you from completing an accepted job offer, please let us and the Employer know as soon as possible.  We will do our best to assign another person. However, repeatedly not completing accepted jobs will affect your rating on our platform.

Due to the short-term nature of the jobs, we will not deduct taxes from your pay.  You are expected to file your income with the CRA, and pay all applicable taxes as is required by law.

Currently the ratings are provided for Employees only.  If there was an issue with a particular employer, please inform us right away, and we will investigate the situation.

If the request is against the law, absolutely refuse and report the incident right away.  If the request makes you uncomfortable in any way, refuse it, and let us know what happened.  We will investigate right away, and assess whether action against the Employer is necessary. Our team member’s safety and security are of utmost importance to us!

In case of an injury, please reach out to the Shift manager and follow his/her guidelines.

Once the job is complete, send us as email with Subject - “Job # - Completed”  We will verify with the employer that the job is indeed satisfactorily complete, and once that’s done, you will be paid immediately via interac e-transfer to the email in your account.  Thanks for a job well-done!

If overtime is required, it should be communicated beforehand.  However, if something urgent comes up, it’s up to you if you want to do the overtime requested.

We highly discourage withdrawing from the shift unless any foreseen circumstances occur as this may affect your rating in Workholler. If such a situation occurs, please contact us via email at connect@workholler.com